After 23 years, Nigeria’s space desire still see like a pipe dream

After 23 years, Nigeria’s space desire still seems like a pipe dream

Water. Soil. Fire. Air.
If you’re an Avatar: The Final Airbender head like me, you’re likely anticipating seeing the taking after tagline, “Long prior, the four nations…
All in due time, my companion. But if it’s not too much trouble, take after closely.
On Monday, Admirable 29, 2005, the memorable storm, Tropical storm Katrina, hit cities lined up on the Louisiana-Mississippi border in Modern Orleans. For numerous, that was the final time they saw their homes, and over 1,000 lives were lost.

On Boxing Day in 2004, the world’s third-largest seismic tremor happened, coming about in one of the most noticeably awful characteristic calamities — The Asian Tidal wave. An assessed 227,898 individuals passed on in 14 nations on the coastline, counting India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

After 23 years, Nigeria’s space desire still seems like a pipe dream

So, why the Avatar reference, and what does it cruel here? The initial thought was to list distinctive normal fiascos, but I felt that all four components play an imperative part in these circumstances. Water: tsunamis and seismic tremors; Soil: the world; Discuss: tornadoes and seismic tremors; and Fire: the repercussions.

A common ground interfacing both catastrophes is the major center of this article. But some time recently that, why specify the fiascos within the, to begin with, put? What is the association?

In both circumstances, the NigeriaSat-1, built by the UK’s Surrey Fawning Innovation Constrained (SSTL) in 2003, was the primary disciple to send pictures of the US east coast after Typhoon Katrina. It too gave important pictures for help specialists taking after the Asian Tsunami. Before being decommissioned in 2014 as a portion of the Catastrophe Checking Constellation, Nigeria-1 was utilized to reply to surges in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and West Africa. It has also been utilized for different mapping campaigns just like the Amazon and Vietnam’s coastal areas.
Nigeria does have other satellites, and they’ve been utilized in numerous circumstances, but sometime recently, let’s do a few backtracking.

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