Toshiba Releases Photorelays Including Low Input Control and High Working Temperature Appropriate For Smart Meters

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Gadgets & Capacity Enterprise (“Toshiba”) has propelled two photorelays, “TLP223GA” and “TLP223J,” with an OFF-state yield terminal voltage rating of 400V and 600V, separately. They both highlight moo input control made strides exchanging characteristics, and are housed in a DIP4 bundle. Shipments begin today.

Toshiba Releases Photorelays

The unused items come with tall glowing productivity Driven created by Toshiba and have a most extreme trigger Driven current of 2mA. This is often approximately 33% lower than current products[1] and permits moo input power. Faster operation is secured by lower exchanging characteristics (turn-on time, turn-off time): 50%[2] for TLP223GA and 75%[2] for TLP223J. Their greatest working temperature appraisals have been expanded from 85°C to 110°C, suiting them for utilizing hardware introduced outside, such as shrewd meters. The greatest confinement voltage of 5000Vrms permits utilized in gear requiring tall segregation execution.


  1. Current items TLP240GA, TLP240J
  2. Greatest turn-on and turn-off time comparison with current items over.


  1. Smart meters
  2. Security frameworks (PIR etc.)
  3. Industrial gear (programmable rationale controllers, I/O interface, different sensor control, etc.)
  4. Building computerization systems
  5. Replacement of mechanical transfers


  1. Low input power: IFT=2mA (max), VF=1.5V (max)
  2. High-speed operation:
    tON=1ms (max) (TLP223GA)
    tON=0.5ms (max) (TLP223J)
  3. High operating temperature rating: Topr (max)=110°C
  4. High isolation voltage: BVS=5000Vrms (min)

Major Specifications

Part number TLP223GA TLP223J
Package DIP4



OFF-state output terminal voltage  VOFF  (V) 400 600
ON-state current  ION  (mA) 120 90
ON-state current (pulsed)  IONP  (A) 360 270
Operating temperature  Topr  (°C) -40 to 110


Input forward voltage  VF  max  (V) 1.5



Trigger LED current  IFT  max  (mA) 2
ON-state resistance  RON  typ.  (Ω) 17 30
  @ION  (mA)[4] 120 90
ON-state resistance  RON  max  (Ω) 28 40
  @ION  (mA)[4] 120 90


Turn-on time  tON  max  (ms) 1.0 0.5
Turn-off time  tOFF  max  (ms) 0.5 0.2


Isolation voltage  BVS  min  (Vrms) 5000


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