How to Install a New Operating System on Your Laptop (7,8,8.1,10,11)

installation of windows 10 on any laptop
How to Install a New Operating System on Your Laptop

Is it time for an operating system upgrade? Are you considering making the jump from Windows to Linux? You may try dual-booting both at the same time. To install a new operating system either windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 on your computer, follow this tutorial.

How to Install a New Operating System on Your Laptop

What Exactly Is An Operating System?

In its broadest sense, an operating system is a software that enables a user to execute critical programs on his or her computing device. It aids in the management of a computer’s hardware resources. It aids in basic activities such as task scheduling and peripheral control.

Which Operating System Is Best For Personal Use?

Traditional Windows and MAC OS are excellent choices for household use. You don’t need a sophisticated operating system at home, especially for simple tasks like writing or browsing the web. The Windows operating system is more geared for gaming than the MAC operating system.

Option 1. Choosing an Operating System to Install

STEP1: Examine the system requirements. If you’ve decided to install a new operating system, you must first determine which one you wish to use. Because operating systems have different system requirements, if you have an older computer, check sure it can support a newer operating system.

  • Most Windows installs need at least 1 GB of RAM and 15-20 GB of hard drive space. In addition, your CPU must be strong enough to execute the operating system you intend to use. Check to see whether your machine can handle it. If this is not the case, you may need to install an earlier operating system, such as Windows XP.
  • Linux operating systems do not normally demand as much storage space or computational power as Windows operating systems. The criteria differ based on the distribution method you select (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc.).

STEP2: Choose whether to buy or download. Windows licenses must be obtained. Each license includes a key that is usable for one installation. Most Linux variants are free to download and install as many times as you like, while certain Enterprise editions are restricted and must be purchased (Red Hat, SUSE, etc.).

STEP3: Verify your software’s compatibility. Check to see if the operating system you wish to install supports the apps you intend to use. You will not be able to install Microsoft Office on a Linux system if you use it for business. There are alternatives available, but their usefulness may be restricted.

  • Many games that run on Windows do not run on Linux. The list of compatible games is expanding, but if you are a frequent player, your library may not transition over seamlessly.

STEP4: Get a new operating system. If you obtained Windows from a shop, you should have gotten an installation disc as well as your product code. If you don’t have the disc but have a valid code, you can get a copy online. If you want to install Linux, you can get an ISO file from the developer’s website.

  • An ISO file is a disc image that must be burnt on a disc or transferred to a bootable USB device before it can be used.

STEP5: Back up your information. When you install a new operating system, you will almost certainly be erasing the hard drive. This implies that unless you back up your files on the computer, you will lose them all. Before beginning the installation procedure, always ensure that any vital files are transferred to a backup place. Use an external hard drive or DVDs to save the data.

  • You will most likely not have to destroy any data if you install the operating system alongside your current one. It’s still a good idea to have a backup of crucial files just in case.
  • Programs cannot be backed up; they must be reinstalled once your new operating system has been installed.

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