Bitter Kola Health Benefits

Bitter Kola Health Benefits

Bitter Kola Health Benefits

Bitter kola, also known as bitter cola or Garcinia Kola, is a plant native to Central and Western Africa that has long been prized for its therapeutic benefits. Although all parts of the Bitter Kola plant are used in traditional African medicine, the seeds are the most regularly consumed.
Bitter kola seeds have a harsh, bitter flavor that fades into a tiny sweetness as you chew them, and they’re usually consumed raw.


Health Benefits

It strengthens the immune system: Bitter kola supplies the immune system with all of the assistance it requires to guard against poisons and to mount an efficient immunological response to foreign particles.

This high concentration of cancer prevention agents found in severe kola not only aids in the fight against microscopic organisms and various diseases, but also aids the body in expanding its resistance levels, and when the body’s resistance level is expanded, it becomes sufficiently able to battle against any unfamiliar toxin.

Although bitter kola has been consumed for centuries in Africa, scientists are only now beginning to investigate the health benefits of this blooming plant.

According to preliminary research, bitter kola may be able to aid with a variety of health issues, including:

Infections: Bitter kola has long been used to treat diseases ranging from the common cold to hepatitis. According to a 2018 research, bitter kola can aid with coughs, bacterial infections, and viral infections. When an illness begins, eating bitter kola may help fight the infection and make you feel better faster.

Diabetes: Early research suggests that kolaviron, a molecule contained in bitter kola, may protect against hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes. Although the initial study was conducted on rats and has yet to be replicated on people, the first findings are encouraging.

It aids in the treatment of food poisoning: Bitter kola has anti-poisonous properties, as it aids in the prevention of bacterial infection caused by food poisoning. When the bark and seeds of Garcinia kola are consumed combined, they aid in the detoxification of the human system, particularly in situations of food poisoning.

Chewing bitter kola shortly after eating contaminated or suspected contaminated food is advised.

Helps pregnancy: Contrary to popular belief, bitter kola has been shown to be beneficial and useful in and for pregnant women, as it aids in the treatment of nausea and vomiting, improves the health of the uterus, provides strength to the expecting mother, and normalizes blood circulation.

Prostate cancer: Although a substantial study has not been undertaken, preliminary findings suggest that some chemicals present in kola may reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. Bitter kola phytoestrogens are considered to destroy cancer cells and prevent tumor growth.

The bitter kola nut may boost the immune system: Bitter kola contains a high quantity of antioxidants, which are compounds that fight free radicals. While free radicals are formed by environmental stressors such as cigarette smoking, UV radiation, and air pollution, they are also produced by numerous natural functions in the body such as exercise and our immunological response. Free radicals cause damage to DNA, cell membranes, and other cell components. As a result, in addition to providing crucial aid for important bodily activities, antioxidants also strengthen the immune system. We are better equipped to combat sickness and stay healthy if we have a robust immune system.

Bitter Kola Health Benefits
Bitter kola plant leaf


Glaucoma is a disorder that causes an increase in pressure within the eyeball, resulting in a progressive loss of sight and, if left untreated, irreversible blindness. According to research published in the Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology, bitter kola is helpful in reducing ocular pressure in newly diagnosed patients and is just as effective as more traditional therapies. It is critical to emphasize that if you have glaucoma, you must follow professional medical advice and treatment, even if the problem is freshly identified.

Bitter kola aids in the treatment of impotence: 

Impotence is a thing of the past with bitter kola since studies have proven that when it comes to improving sexual performance, especially in males, bitter kola reigns supreme above all other suggested herbs.

Bitter Kola not only boosts libido drive, but it also increases sexual performance in males who drink it. According to research, it is best to eat the seed a few minutes before the intercourse in order for it to be successful.

It assists in weight loss: 

Bitter kola has been shown to be a natural appetite reducer that also enhances the desire to drink more water. Regular usage of bitter kola might help you lose weight faster than in the gym.

People who are on a special diet and want to lose weight can add bitter kola nuts to their meals and have fewer food cravings throughout the day; eating nuts as a snack can also help reduce hunger between meals.

Preparation and Warnings

You’ll want to know how to cook bitter kola now that you’re aware of its numerous possible health advantages. All components of the bitter kola plant may be ingested in traditional medicine, although the nuts are more commonly eaten alone and uncooked.

While the numerous health advantages of bitter kola may have you running to the shop to stock up, always use caution while using any dietary supplements. Always see your doctor and remember to follow their treatment recommendations for any problem you may have. Bitter kola does contain qualities that can help with the treatment of many ailments as well as the prevention of others, but no dietary supplement can replace competent medical advice.

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