How My Son and I Avoided Death in a Horrible Car Accident-Yemi Terry

How My Son and I Avoided Death in a Horrible Car Accident- Yemi Terry
Yemi Terry

How My Son and I Avoided Death in a Horrible Car Accident-Yemi Terry

How My Son and I Avoided Death in a Horrible Car Accident-Yemi Terry
Yemi Terry
Yemi Terry, a brilliant Nollywood movie producer, and actress has been in the industry for decades. She has since appeared in and produced a number of films. The proud mother of two narrowly escaped death in a car accident involving herself and her kid. In this interview with FEMI OGUNTAYO, she describes her experience and how it has affected her career for the first time since the accident.

First and foremost, let me congratulate you for surviving that horrible car accident. What was your post-accident experience like?

It was a very horrible experience, one I had never had before, and sharing it with my son made it more worse. It was truly God who saw us through because everyone at the site, as well as people who saw the photographs of the accident scene online, were just praising God on our behalf and saying we should keep serving the God we are serving – even if it was on a Sunday. It wasn’t a nice one, but we praise God for His mercies and love, and even after a year or so, I still get panic attacks, even if I wasn’t driving. All I want to say is thank you to God for giving us a second opportunity.

Has this had any impact on your acting career?

I couldn’t drive a large distance for a while. My siblings were always available to help me. As a result, I was unable to go outside of Lagos for filming. I had to reject down various employment offers at the time. It was also a time when I needed to release a film, and I was on my way to the final preview when the accident happened, so it was put on hold for months since I couldn’t see the editor. As a result, the release of my film ‘Payida’ has been postponed. I was at the mercy of my siblings; I had to rely on them to drive me to visit my marketer and the editor, among other things.

How has the year been treating you so far? Please provide us a synopsis of your first quarter.

Thank God, the year has been going well. At the very least, I am alive and well. Despite the fact that everyone is affected by the country’s condition in the first quarter, which includes fuel scarcity and a lack of electricity supply, individuals are still struggling to make ends meet. Above all, we thank God for bringing us through so far, and we thank God for life and hope for a better future.

Your previous film, ‘Payida,’ was a striking one; what inspired such a plot?

Yes, it was a strong film, from the filming to the post-production; as I already stated, the accident occurred when I was concluding work on it. The message basically indicates that there is a lot going on behind every closed door. I utilized the film to convey the notion that no matter what is going on, you should hang on to your aspirations and attempt to make your life better with them, rather than making comparisons. I played a different character in the film than I was known for – the fine girl role; it was a unique film.

So, ‘Payida’ preaches that whatever you sow, you will reap, that life is merely a series of steps, and that whatever you obtained using devilish means, you will have to handle it diabolically indefinitely. Why not take life slowly, one day at a time? It may appear that nothing is working, but it will all pass in the end. As a result, the film has a plethora of messages. It is, indeed, a powerful film.

How would you define your acting career since it began and where it is now?

I’d say I’m trying my best, but I think it could be better. I’ve been able to make some remarks and carve out a space for myself. It’s been amazing, but I want to thank God for how far He’s gone to assist me. I still have a lot to contribute, and Yemi Terry as an actor has a lot more to come, so keep an eye out! ‘OMG,’ a film I’m working on, will be out shortly. Trust me, a lot is on the way.

You appear to be really proud of your children; how would you define your connection with them?

Yes, I am quite proud of them and adore them. I will continue to encourage them because they represent me everywhere they go. For me, raising children is a profession, and watching them succeed fills me with delight. I’ve taught them to be self-sufficient. Despite my demanding schedule as an actor, I make time for my children. That is why you will never see me anyplace or in any way simply because I want to act. I’d rather spend that time at home with the kids. I just want to do my part and feel certain that I accomplished it.

Even when I wasn’t home, I made sure to interact with them so that at the end of the day, they would still have to be on their own, and this is the time I could focus on them. As a result, they are incredibly essential to me. I am happy of how diligent and bright they have become, and they mean a great deal to me. They are my personal endeavors.

One of them is a footballer, and you are a big fan of him. Is this an interest you instilled in him, or did he discover it on his own?

Yes, he is a footballer, and I must back him up. He is interested in a variety of sports and is not only a footballer. He is a highly brilliant youngster with a lot of enthusiasm; he is really gifted and does a lot more than football. Terry’s father was a footballer, and when he was little, they used to go out to watch football matches at viewing centers.

I also had football-obsessed siblings, and I was into football when I was in school, training and all, long before I met his father. As a result, it runs in the family.

Aside from performing, do you have any other interests?

Yes, in addition to performing and film production, I have other enterprises. I now operate two firms and intend to start one or two more. I am also an influencer, and I work with businesses as an ambassador.

How lucrative is an acting profession for you?

A number of factors have influenced our sales, such as piracy back then, but when it comes to your job, if you are investing in something and not making money, you need to check and cross-check. But most of us in this work started by having passion, not money-minded. Some things are tied to it that will provide money in the long term. It has provided me with several possibilities and has aided my career as an actor and producer, which is what keeps one going.

There are many doors that have opened as a result of the career’s impact that are worth more than the money one would have made from the career. When you have a strong desire for the task and believe that there will be a breakthrough, you will persevere. So, my career is profitable since it has opened doors, is now opening doors, and I feel it will open more doors for me in the future.

What are your professional plans for the rest of the year?

There are several plans in the works. There are a lot of movies that need to be made, and aside from that, there are a lot of other things that need to be done. I will also reveal them when the time comes. The year is yet new, but my goal is far-reaching. Even though I’ve been sidetracked by various family gatherings, so many social functions, as the eldest and only daughter of my parents, I have plans, since the show must go on. I am more of a family person, thus I have a lot of duties.

Some words for your admirers and devotees?

I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them and encourage them to expect much more from me in the future. They should look forward to my next film, named ‘OMG,’ which is almost finished. They should continue to support me despite the fact that I am still the same ‘Yemi Terry,’ and nothing has changed. I want them to keep going, regardless of the country’s circumstances, and to be purposeful about their pleasure at all times. I hope everything goes well, and I want them to know how much I appreciate them accepting me for who I am.

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