The Samsung Galaxy Z Fol4 will be available in a 1TB variant.

The South Korean IT behemoth will conduct a global new product launch conference on August 10. The next-generation folding screen flagship phones, the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, are scheduled to be unveiled at the event.

There have been several leaks on both the design and specifications of the forthcoming devices. So far, nothing new has been uncovered prior to the debut. However, a tipter discovered proof today that the Korean edition of the Galaxy Z Fold4 would have a 1TB model. To be honest, we had heard about this a long time ago, but there had been no proof. There is no indication whether the worldwide model will have a similar version or whether it is just available in the local market.

The earlier Fold3 had a maximum storage capacity of 512GB and no micro SD card port for expansion. Despite the fact that this is a regular practice for contemporary flagship Android phones, several consumers complained that they needed additional storage space.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 will be the first flagship with 1TB of storage powered by the Snapdragon 8+.

However, when storage capacity grows, the Fold4’s price will eventually climb, and it is estimated to reach $1,999.

A Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU will also be used in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. As a result, it will hit the performance limit in the Android camp. There is also a 7.6-inch inner panel and a 6.2-inch outer screen, both of which offer a refresh rate of 120Hz. An off-screen camera is still used for the inner screen.

Furthermore, the crease of the Galaxy Z Fold4 is certainly much shorter than that of the current Galaxy Z Fold3, and the hinge and screen parts will be updated, according to the newest leaked images.

As you can see, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is going to be a beast. However, we are confident that additional surprises will await us during the meeting.



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