Alice Iyabode

The True Reason I Was Named Alice Iyabode – Actress Iyabo Ojo Shares Interesting Story

Iyabo Ojo, a popular Nollywood actress, and Tiktok celebrity has revealed an intriguing origin behind her name.

Iyabo Ojo claimed that she was named after her grandmother, who was a diligent worker, kind giver, and enjoyed children, much like her.
The single mother of two also disclosed on Instagram that her grandmother was a wealthy businesswoman who died in early 1977 and that she was born on December 21.

Iyabo Ojo posted a photo of her grandmother:

“This was thought to be me in a past life…my lovely late mother and father named me after her since they felt she returned.” This lovely, sturdy lady is my late maternal grandma (my mother’s mother). Her name was Mrs Alice Inneh Nee Ehighie, and she was from Edo State, Benin City…… She was a teacher before becoming a very successful entrepreneur. a mother of ten children, seven of whom are still living,

My grandma was a strong woman; she died in early 1977, and I was born on December 21, 1977. the reason I have Alice Iyabode (our mother as returned). She adored children and was a really kind woman, so I suppose my maternal instinct came from her. “May her soul rest in peace.”

Remember how Iyabo Ojo earlier stated that she is unable to tell people about the man in her life since her first marriage ended 21 years ago?

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