Woman Narrates How Her Jealous Husband Removed Her Eye And Cut Off Her Fingers

Maureen Atieno Omolo, a Kenyan lady, has described how her husband ripped out her eye, chopped off her finger, and inflicted other knife cuts on her body.

During an interview with Afrimax TV, the lady stated that the man intended to murder her rather than watch her go into the arms of another man.

Omolo claimed that she was born into a family of four but lost both parents when she was nine years old. She became an orphan at an early age and was left to fend for herself and her younger siblings.

According to her, she was forced to marry at the age of 15 in order to find someone to care for her and her siblings. Although she did not want to marry at such a young age, she believed that was the only choice accessible to her at the time.

She stated that her husband would go to work every day in order to provide for the family. But there was a significant obstacle. He didn’t want any other guy, not even his own pals; he wanted to be her only man.

Omolo said she became a prisoner in her husband’s home because she was forced to live alone since her husband was afraid another guy would take her away from him.

She attempted to calm him down, but he was emphatic, stating he had to defend her since he loved her. To avoid losing her to another guy, he would lock her up and depart for work.

Although her husband’s jealously was getting unbearable, she resolved to put up with it in the hopes that things might improve in the future.

Omolo revealed that her husband swore to murder her rather than let another man take her away from him. She dismissed the man’s threat since she assumed he said it out of love and envy.

She and her husband had four children after a few years, but one died, leaving them with three. She asked her husband’s permission one day to start operating some business to earn some money to help him take care of the family. She was afraid he would reject the proposal, but he surprised her.

She took a job as a housekeeper in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and she had to leave her husband and children behind, only seeing them on occasion. “He informed me that if I ever cheated on him, he would kill me,” she explained.

While she was abroad, text messaging was one of the ways she and her husband spoke, and he repeatedly threatened to murder her and any other guy she cheated on her with or tried to leave him for.

While she was keeping herself safe for her husband, she received the shock of her life when she came home to visit the family a few months later. Her spouse had moved on with another lady.

Omolo planned to return to the city after sobbing because she didn’t feel she belonged in the house, but her husband refused. He wanted to keep her as his wife and get rid of the second lady for her sake.

After she returned to Nairobi, her husband grew enraged and threatened to kill the children if she did not return. She said she went home swiftly to save her children’s lives. She had to live with her opponent, with whom she was often at odds.

She decided to return to Nairobi to collect money owed to her by her old employers. Her envious husband assumed she was leaving for good, so he texted her brother to tell him he was going to murder Omolo.

Before her brother could beg for her to run, the guy had already attacked her with a machete provided to him by his second wife. According to the mother of three,

“I begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He slashed me, and I fell to the ground. I begged him to forgive me and not murder me, but he stated no matter what I said, he was going to kill me and then go to prison.”

He continued to hack her right hand, back, and shoulders with the machete before plucking out her eye and she passed out.

He assumed she had perished, so he abandoned her and attempted to commit suicide by drinking poison. He immediately dashed to the police station to file a report. His second wife also ran away.

Omolo was brought to the hospital and, thankfully, survived. She now sells fruits by the side of the road to make ends meet for herself and her children.

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