Localize Mobi is a Scam


This is a complete SCAM. Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE giving out that information. It will be difficult to get out of these charges if it is too late, but read on. They are unable and refuse to provide information on the whereabouts of any phone. They only want your payment information so they can bill you $50 in membership fees before you ever get a chance to cancel. They employ banking systems that can take up to 5 days to register a ‘Pending’ charge of a little amount ($0.8 in my instance), but then charge your card roughly $50 within 24 hours in small print.

Unless you check every hour or at least daily, you may ignore or forget to contest this in time, giving these fraudsters free money.
They use completely false testimony about finding lost phones, but their procedure is to send a text message to the phone you are attempting to locate, and once that phone answers AND ACCEPTS being tracked, they claim they can trace, but I put in a phone number to a separate phone right next to me, and they claim a text message was sent and it would take only 2 minutes to receive. NEVER HAPPENED.

They don’t answer their chat line, they don’t send you a confirmation email, and they don’t communicate with you. I had Capital One VISA provide me with a phone number in Australia (+61-480046450) that just had a generic answering service. I’ll keep calling that number because it appears they gave one sucker half of his $50 charge back because he ‘begged.’
I’m going to register a complaint with Capital One, requesting that they and other banks be allowed to restrict future subscription costs before they occur rather than after they do.

Technically, once they continue the SCAM and lead you to your account page with various products, click on your account icon in the top right hand corner, a drop down box will show ‘Log out’ or ‘Account’. When you click on ‘Account,’ an option to ‘Cancel Subscription’ appears, but nothing occurs when you indicate that you wish to ‘Cancel.’ – it’s nothing more than a continuation of their SCAM. I tried it on both my PC and my mobile phone, which NEVER received an SMS from these SCAMMERS.

According to ‘Trustpilot,’ an email for them cannot be included here, but we will check whether it works, which we doubt. Yes, the FAKE contact email they sent to Trustpilot also returned as “User unknown” – perhaps someone from Trustpilot checks these as well so they are aware that they are ALSO being SCAMMED.

I challenge the management of this so called scam company called Localize Mobi to publicize against this article 

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By Israel Ashaolu

Israel Ashaolu is a graduate of electrical and electronic from Niger state Polytechnic. Am an article writter and the owner of techedgeict.com

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