A burning lady clutches her husband as he sets fire to her over a divorce.

Both died when the husband set fire to his wife after dumping him.

On Saturday, July 2, 2022, pandemonium erupted as a lady described as Lateefat seized her husband, who lit her flame while she burned.

The lady died in the event in the Otun-Akute region of Ogun State.

According to reports, the issue began when the deceased left her matrimonial home due to domestic abuse.

Ponle Adebanjo, the guy in question, had pledged that no man would be with Lateefat after the latter had departed due to physical abuse.

Lateefat and Adebanjo have been married for three years, according to Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi.

“The culprit was apprehended on Saturday after concerned neighbors reported the incident to police at the Otun-Akute division,” he writes.

“The estranged husband, Ponle, was claimed to have informed many people in the neighborhood that his wife had no right to live alone and pledged that she would never be with another guy after she left him due to physical violence.”

“The pair had been married for three years and lived in Otun-Akute until the lady, Lateefat, decided to leave him because she couldn’t deal with the violence any longer.”

“Mr Ponle is claimed to have gone to his ex-house wife’s and threatened to murder her if she didn’t return to his house.”

“Their neighbors stated that the male enjoyed hitting the woman, sometimes to the point of death.” Their squabbles were alleged to have become a neighborhood issue after the lady was hospitalized several times until she chose to move out of his house a month ago when she rented an apartment on the same block.”

“On Saturday night, Mr Ponle returned to the victim’s residence and encountered her praying.” He poured gasoline on her in the room and lit her ablaze, but the lady managed to grasp him and keep them burning together until help arrived. They were taken to a neighboring hospital, where the woman was pronounced dead.”

Oyeyemi also stated that the individual who was turned over to the police eventually died.

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