Bungie wants $284 to transport your $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada.

Did you save up a few hundred dollars for the foam-firing Nerf replica of Destiny’s renowned Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, which became available for presale today? Hope you don’t reside in Canada, since purchasers are being asked to pay more than double the amount to have it sent to their door. According to the firm, it is working on a solution.

When Destiny’s Canadian fans queued up today for the $185 USD Nerf Gjallarhorn, they were told it will cost an additional $283.62 USD for shipping – add those up and convert, and you’re looking at a total of $608.29 in Canadian money.

Meanwhile, we’re seeing shipping to California costing around $33. In the UK, our own Tom Warren discovered a suggested price of €14.95 ($15 USD) for shipping from Europe’s Bungie Store (which is located in the Netherlands, so not quite next door).

And, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a shipping reduction if you order two: you’ll spend $567.24 USD. That is, once again, the expense of the shipping component.

Bungie responded, saying, “Bungie Store is aware of the high shipping costs being applied to Canada-bound orders for the Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster owing to the item’s size.” In light of this, we are working on a solution and hope to offer additional purchasing options to Canadian citizens.”

That doesn’t imply it’s a bug, does it? However, it may be excellent news for those who were unable to get one due to the exorbitant price.

“It would be cheaper for you to ship me a giant box full with steel,” one prospective customer quipped. Another person correctly mentioned that it might be cheaper to hire someone outside of Canada to buy it for you and mail it to you.

Whatever the problem is, it may not be restricted to the Gjallarhorn. Someone has complained about having to spend $63.86 USD to transport a poster:

While you wait for Bungie’s repair, here are some more legitimately irritated Canadians:

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