‘To Be Honest’ took me nearly three years to complete.’ Simi disclose

Simi, a Nigerian singer, claimed in an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio that her latest album, ‘To Be Honest,’ took her nearly three years to complete.

Singer simi

“From the genesis of the idea to the actual publication of the record, it took me about three years.” It was the noise. I had the concept from the start, I understood what I wanted to say, but the hardest thing for me was figuring out how to communicate it. “What noises do I want to use, or avoid using?” Dada Boy Ehiz, Simi told the host.

When asked about the creative process, Simi said that she did a lot of writing and that it took her a long time to make suitable changes to the album. “I did a lot of writing, deleting, and adding, largely to achieve the tone I wanted. There are a lot of songs that match the theme but not the tone I was searching for, so I guess that was the most difficult aspect.”

Simi’s fourth solo album, ‘To Be Honest,’ was released on June 3, 2022. Simi has stated that the album was created with the purpose of expressing her views in the most comfortable and peaceful way possible.

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