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Twitter tells employees not to tweet about the Elon Musk deal.

The company says it’s suing Musk for trying to back out.

Elon musk
Refrain from Tweeting, Slacking, or sharing any commentary

Employees have been asked not to publicly comment on the agreement following Elon Musk’s announcement on Twitter that he wants out of his $44 billion bid to acquire the firm. According to an internal email acquired by The Verge from Twitter’s general counsel, employees should “refrain from Tweeting, Slacking, or publishing any criticism concerning the acquisition deal.”

The memo, which you can see in full below, mentions that the merger is still being litigated. Musk’s team claims that the firm “failed or refused to deliver” information on the amount of bots on its platform, and Twitter’s board has declared that it will sue Musk to guarantee that the sale is carried out as planned.

Following the announcement that Musk wanted out of the arrangement on Friday, Twitter staff swiftly responded with some amusing comments regarding the issue. One person tweeted that they had “unilaterally canceled my mortgage” and were relieved they no longer had to pay it, referring to the fact that it’s uncertain if Musk can legally just say “nope” and walk away. Another tweet mentioned a staff vacation to Disney that was canceled as a cost-cutting move following the announcement of the Musk arrangement.

Here’s the memo that Twitter’s general counsel, Sean Edgett, wrote to employees on Friday:


We received a letter of claimed termination from Elon Musk today, and in response, the Twitter Board made the following statement (see our Chairman Bret Taylor’s Tweet here):

“The Twitter Board is dedicated to concluding the acquisition at the agreed-upon price and terms with Mr. Musk and intends to take legal action to enforce the merger agreement.” We are optimistic that we will be successful in the Delaware Court of Chancery.”

Because this is a pending legal matter, you should abstain from Tweeting, Slacking, or posting any comments regarding the merger deal. We will continue to share information as we are able, but please understand that we will be quite restricted in what we can communicate in the interim.

I understand that this is a difficult moment, and we appreciate your patience and continuous support to the critical job we are doing.

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