Adenike Adegboye

Veteran Actress Adenike Adegboye Battles Undisclosed Illness

Adenike Adegboye

Adenike Adegboye, better known as Iya Ibeji, a veteran actress, is very ill.

Iya Ibej’s health situation was revealed by her junior colleague Foluke Daramola, who requested financial assistance and prayers from the public.
On July 5, Foluke shared a video of her visit to the ill Yoruba actress on Instagram. Iya Ibeji is seen crying for help alongside the actress in the video.

In the tweet titled “With iya ibeji omo arayele,” the 44-year-old begged Nigerians to pray for Iya Ibeji and to make cash donations to aid with his treatment.

Foluke Daramola recently shared a video from her hospital visit to the veteran, stating that she was improving. She also gave her presents and money.

She went on to encourage other Nigerians who want to help to do so.

Adenike Adegboye

Adenike Adegboye, who was born in Osun State, has been in several classic theater performances.

She has also appeared in films such as k bl, yá gan, Omo Araye Le, and ya Gbàjarè.

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