Asake previews a new enthralling single

The current craze Asake has teased his new track, ‘Terminator,’ with a video. The teaser was posted on social media on July 14, 2022.


What you should know: What you need to know: Asake, the popular Afrobeats singer, has released a preview for his forthcoming track titled ‘Terminator.’

The preview was released on Sunday, July 14, 2022, on his Twitter account, and it incorporates the bouncy Amapiano beat that Asake has become renowned for.


Is it time for Asake to change his look?: It’s just been 8 months since Asake attained global fame with his debut EP ‘Ololade Asake,’ and he hasn’t looked back since.

So far, Asake has used a similar fast-paced Amapiano-styled groove to generate stunning hit songs. While the rhythms are similar, they have distinct auditory and drum characteristics that set them apart.

Some admirers have said that Asake’s voice is becoming too one-dimensional and that he should change it up. However, with only a year in the mainstream, this might be another example of much ado over nothing.

Asake has already demonstrated the breadth of his abilities with his performance on Fireboy’s ‘Bandana,’ and there are obvious grounds to assume he retains the ability to produce across multiple sounds if he so desires.

Will ‘Terminator’ be a success?: So far, Asake has been a complete success. He is the top Afrobeats star of 2022 and based on the preview, this might be his 7th smash single in the period of 6 years.

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