Kogi: Bread prices will rise once bakers end their strike and begin production on July 25.

Kogi Master Bakers said they will end their strike at midnight on Sunday and return to work on Monday, July 25, with bread prices up.

Chief Gabriel Bamidele-Adeniyi, Chairman of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, Kogi Chapter, made the revelation in a phone conversation with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lokoja on Sunday.

On Wednesday, July 20, the Association joined a statewide strike called by its national organization to urge the Federal Government on the costs of ingredients used in bread manufacture.

“By God’s help, we will begin bread manufacturing tomorrow, Monday, July 25, after concluding our strike at midnight on Sunday, July 24.”

“Although the federal government has yet to answer to our requests and demands, we are happy that we have at least delivered a message in the hope of receiving a good response.”

“Unfortunately, when we begin manufacturing on July 25, bread costs will undoubtedly rise by 20%.”

“A loaf of N200 bread will cost between N240 and N250, a loaf of N500 bread will cost N600, a loaf of N700 bread will cost N880, and a loaf of N800 bread will cost between N980 and N1,000.”

“We want the public to understand that the recent increase in steady bread prices is the result of an increase in the pricing of commodities used in bread manufacture, not ours.”

“We want the government to ensure that the prices of imported yeast, sugar, and wheat be dramatically cut so that only three firms are licensed to import them.”

“Unfortunately, those three corporations monopolize the costs of Sugar, Yeast, and Flour, to the detriment of Nigerian bakeries,” he complained.

Bamidele-Adeniyi urged the government to guarantee that the Sugar Company in Bashuta began production and to provide opportunities for members to get import licenses and financing for improved bread manufacturing.

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