LASTMA denies allegation of man’s death over bribe-chasing personnel

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has responded to a media story claiming that a guy called Modibo Usman died from cardiac arrest as a result of a confrontation with its officials.


To clarify, LASTMA officials had left the site of the car impoundment and were not aware of the circumstances that led to Modibo Usman’s death.

According to a statement issued yesterday by Filade Olumide, Assistant Director, Public Affairs, LASTMA, it has also become a common practice for traffic offenders to spread lies about LASTMA personnel requesting money to free seized vehicles. Such folks almost never present proof to back up their allegations.

“On Friday, July 22, 2022, Mr Usman was driven in his automobile by his son who ran the traffic signal light and so broke the Lagos State Traffic Law,” he stated. LASTMA inspectors later seized the car.

“Following the encounter, Usman and his kid requested to disembark at a nearby medical laboratory for a prior appointment and subsequently attend LASTMA’s office to handle the traffic violation problem.” The cops complied and brought the impounded vehicle to the Agency’s headquarters.

“A video of conversations between the dead and LASTMA officials is available, and its contents contradict the incident published in the newspaper.”

“Unfortunately, before publishing the news story, techedgeict reporter did not investigate the cordial connection with LASTMA to ascertain the actual course of events,” he stated.

He expressed his condolences to Modibo Usman’s family for their unexpected and tragic death.

He urged the people to obey the law at all times, stating that LASTMA will continue to enforce compliance with the law in a responsible and professional manner.

He advised citizens to report any cases of unprofessional behavior by its workers to the agency in order to prevent indecent behavior by certain of its police.

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