Senators from all parties have threatened to impeach Buhari over security problems.

Senators from all political parties handed President Muhammadu Buhari a six-week deadline on Wednesday to address the country’s deteriorating security situation or face imminent impeachment.

They attempted to bring the proposal to the Senate floor but were thwarted by Senate President Ahmed Lawan.

The Senate remained uncharacteristically silent on Tuesday, despite the evident danger lying in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and recent terrorist threats to kidnap President Muhammadu Buhari, Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, and parliamentarians in the country.

Senators led by Senate Minority Leader Philip Aduda staged a walkout from the chambers to face the media, chanting “All we are saying is Buhari must go.”

While speaking to reporters, the Senate Minority Leader stated that they went into a closed-door session to discuss numerous security matters.

“We also took into consideration that the Senate at various fora, at various periods, and at various meetings within which we proposed to Government, various actions have been offered targeted at curing this issue of insecurity,” Aduda added.

“So, in secret session, we resolved to issue an ultimatum to the President, failing which we will proceed to impeach him.”

“This was our agreement in executive session, but when we came out, the Senate President refused to make our resolution public.”

Since that did not occur, we have come here in protest to show Nigerians that we stand with them.

“Because we are concerned, we staged a walkout from the chambers to demonstrate that security in Nigeria is out of control and that quick action is required to solve the concerns.”

“We’ve come here to say that we’ve approved so many resolutions on security, that we’ve provided all the support and enabling appropriation that they require.”

Senators Muhammed Bulkachuwa, Ibrahim Shekarau, and Buhari’s senator Ahmmad Babba Kaita were among those who joined the rally.

When asked if six weeks is too long, they stated they had to start somewhere.

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