7 Best Unusual Ways How to Earn Money using WhatsApp.

Do we have a chance to make money from WhatsApp?

This question kept popping into my head throughout the day and night. I gave up hope because there is no formal way to get money using WhatsApp. Surprisingly, that is not the case; there are other indirect methods to generate money with a WhatsApp account.

In this blog post, you will learn about some of the methods and ideas for making money with WhatsApp. I’ll also show you some of the proofs.

How WhatsApp Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how WhatsApp is making money?

You may be aware that WhatsApp is a Facebook product. We often encounter various adverts on Facebook; ads are one of Facebook’s income sources.

You may have observed that when you search for a product on any e-commerce site, the same product will occasionally display in your Facebook feed. That’s because Facebook keeps a database of your every move. These behaviors are used to target you as a consumer for their marketers.

So, how does WhatsApp fit into this? As I previously stated, Facebook maintains a massive database and records your every move. Similarly, WhatsApp assists in adding more of your actions to Facebook’s database.

You won’t see the conventional advertising on WhatsApp, but it is indirectly assisting Facebook in making the process simpler.

7 Best/Easy Ways to Make Money From WhatsApp

1. Short Links

The most common technique to generate money using WhatsApp is through link shortening.

Short links are links that are shortened versions of long links. People make these connections to exchange resources. When a person clicks on it, it first displays advertisements before redirecting you to the main website.

You may also generate short links and distribute them to your contacts. You are compensated if someone clicks on it. This will provide a passive income for you and is, in my opinion, the simplest method to make money using WhatsApp.

To enhance the likelihood of your contacts clicking on your links, share viral news, headlines, or any current topic.

If you’re lucky, your message could go viral on WhatsApp. And you make a lot of money from it.

  • Shorte.ST
  • Adf.ly
  • Ouo.IO

2. Affiliation

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting various products or services and receiving a reward if a transaction occurs.

You may share affiliate links with your friends and family via WhatsApp. You, too, may include such connections in your tales. If a purchase is made, you will get a small commission.

Affiliate marketing on WhatsApp will only be profitable if you have a large number of high-end connections.

Groups: If you have a WhatsApp group dedicated to a certain specialty, such as ‘technology,’ you may market numerous products while remembering to give value before sharing an affiliate link.

Nobody is going to buy until you provide value. So, before including links, make sure you add value to your content. The value might be anything, such as a product description, product characteristics, or even how the product would benefit them.

Suggestion: My friends and relatives frequently seek for my advice before purchasing a smartphone since they know I’m constantly up to date on the latest models on the market. So, when I recommend anything, I include an affiliate link in my message, so that if they like the smartphone and buy it, I get a commission.

As a result, if anything similar occurs. You may earn money by sharing an affiliate link.

Story/Status: Your story/status is another way to share affiliate links. It never worked for me, but I believe you may find a suitable strategy to market your products or services here.

If you want to promote items, I propose that you join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

3. Cross Promotion

Using WhatsApp to cross-promote your other monetized platforms can aid in revenue growth.

I do have a YouTube channel, and WhatsApp accounts for 20% of my traffic. It assists me in gaining views and increasing my cash.

Blogging is a lucrative business for many individuals. The first step in making it a reality is to start a blog. You need traffic to make money blogging. In this case, WhatsApp can assist you in gaining visitors. You may use WhatsApp to build a group related to your blog’s subject, and then utilize that group to post intriguing content and drive traffic to your site. You earn money when people connect with your content (depends on how your blog is monetized).

4. Viral Scripts (Popular in India)

If you reside in India, you may have come across Wishing Messages. Good morning greetings, festival wishes, gift offers, and other messages are included in Wishing Messages.

In most cases, these notifications include a link. When you click on that link, you will be sent to a page that like the one below.

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Affiliate Products
  • Own Product Placements & more

I’ve seen folks make more than $1000 per month with WhatsApp Wishing Scripts.

But it’s not as simple as it seems.

To make a lot of money using WhatsApp’s Wishing Scripts, you must make that script go popular. The more people it reaches, the more money it earns.

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