Yomi Fabiyi Sternly Warns: Why Should You Be Anything But An Ingrate?

Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actress, has given a strong warning to ungrateful individuals, encouraging them to be anything but ungrateful.

The divisive director shared a short video of himself on his verified Instagram profile, along with some advice for ungrateful individuals.
According to Yomi Fabiyi, being ungrateful is the quickest way to bring about a curse since both God and every culture despise ungrateful individuals. He stated:

“Encouraging, aiding, and abeting a BLATANT INGRATE online or offline, openly or discreetly, is one of the simplest ways to draw curse, mysterious issues, and peril into one’s life now or in the future.”

Every religion preaches against ingrates, every culture opposes ingrates, and every race warns against it. Humanity punishes jerks.

You may be anything, no matter how much grace you have, but NEVER BE AN INGRATE, it is a ticking time bomb.


Yomi Fabiyi, as previously reported, attacked his colleague Bimpe Oyebade online for their ongoing sex for role scandal.

Yomi provided a snapshot of their initial communication in an open letter to the actress, explaining that Bimpe was a fan who he aided into the movie industry without any conditions.

Yomi said Bimpe damaged many things since the day he gave her the opportunity to shine and was too anxious to be appreciative and patient.
He also advised Bimpe to stop the social media farce, saying he never promised her sex in exchange for a part.

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