Mystery Exposed – Is there a city of Atlantis? The underwater city

Plato, a Greek philosopher, wrote in the fourth century B.C. about a continent called Atlantis that existed in the Atlantic Ocean and reportedly conquered most of Europe and Africa in past times. In the narrative, the ancient Athenians fight back against Atlantis, and Atlantis vanishes beneath the waters.

Here we see an illustration of the submerged ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis. (Image credit: StockByM via Getty Images)

While no serious researcher thinks that this narrative is actually genuine, others have theorized that it was inspired in part by real occurrences in Greek history. One idea is that the tale of Atlantis was influenced by the Minoan civilization (as it is now known), which lived on the island of Crete until around 1400 B.C. Despite the fact that Crete sits in the Mediterranean rather than the Atlantic, Minoan villages were severely damaged by the eruption of Thera, a Greek volcano.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that the Minoans were finally defeated (or forced to merge with) a group of people known as the Mycenaeans, who lived in mainland Greece. This disagreement is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.


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