The ghost ship reappears 9 years after it was lost.

A ship thought to have been lost at sea nine years ago strangely ran aground last week.

Last week, a ship that went missing in the Pacific Ocean in 2009 inexplicably returned to the Indian Ocean. It’s being referred to as a phantom ship. An instant explanation has been provided, although it appears to be an attempt to put a stop to frenzied conjecture.

The container was last sighted off the coast of Taiwan in 2009. The ship was flying the Indonesian flag when it was last seen. It set sail from Taiwan, but all communication with the ship was lost nine years ago. Authorities in the littoral countries feared the ship had perished in the huge ocean.


However, on August 30, the ship known as the Sam Ratulangi PB 1600 reappeared in the Indian Ocean south of Myanmar. It was discovered by three fishermen from the Myanmar village of Thama Seitta. The fisherman discovered the ship aground on a sandbar 11 kilometers off the shore.

The fisherman boarded the phantom ship but discovered no one aboard. The ship was deserted. They notified the coast guard. The Myanmar Navy has been notified. The officials examined the ship and had no idea where it came from.

“The ship had no crew or cargo on board. It was perplexing how such a large ship ended up in our waters “U Ne Win Yangon, a Myanmarese MP, was reported in the Myanmar Times as saying.

According to U Aung Kyaw Linn, general secretary of the Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers, the vessel was still operational. Linn stated, “The ship, in my opinion, was recently abandoned. There must be a reason (for the abandonment).”

According to reports, the phantom ship is 177.35 meters long and 27.91 meters broad. The container was built in 2001 and weighs 26,510 tons.

According to additional reports from Myanmar, the mystery of the ghost ship’s presence has been explained. According to these sources, the ship was supposed to be disassembled at a ship-wrecking factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The ship broke free from the shipyard and drifted towards Myanmar.

However, no explanation has been provided as to how this ship, which was last seen off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, ended up at a Chittagong ship-wrecking plant. The mystery of the ghost ship remains unsolved.

Surprisingly, many unusual boats and vessels have been discovered in Asian waterways. When these boats were discovered, some of them had no one aboard, while others had corpses. Eleven wooden boats were discovered in the Sea of Japan in 2015. Some of the boats were empty and damaged, while others had up to 20 dead people.

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