Toyin Lawani has a miscarriage.

Toyin Lawani has a miscarriage.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, the mother of three announced the terrible news on her Instagram page.
“Thank you to everyone who has reached out; God bless you all. Losing an unborn child can be the most difficult trauma to deal with, because you would have bonded and begun making plans for the future, I have always said I wanted to have only two children, but then my doctor advised me to have my womb removed due to complications I was experiencing “She penned a letter.



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Toyin Lawani has a miscarriage, Why? She says!

“I dealt with a lot, several fibroid operations, arthritis, back aches, neck pains, side pains, times I would literally wake up paralyzed, I wear a neck brace every day but take it off in public, too many inquiries.”

Lawani began by detailing everything she went through with her previous pregnancy.

“So I went for the third baby again, at least before I do the final surgery,” she explained. “From my last born’s pregnancy, I discovered I had a cyst in my Brian cse d headaches were super & back pains tripled, I got doctors opinions in Nigeria they said we can’t treat you till you have this baby, the best thing is to take the baby out & we will get you the care u need.”

“At the time, I was already pregnant, so I said no and went abroad. They handled the matter until I had the baby, which is why they stated I couldn’t have it naturally like my previous children. I was back on my feet in no time, months after my legs and bones gave way due to the pressure. When I went back abroad, they claimed my bones were degenerating due to the pressure.”

Toyin Lawani and her hubby Segun Wealth
Toyin Lawani and her hubby Segun Wealth

“At this point, my legs were swelled, and I couldn’t walk; it was a few days before my 40th birthday party in Nigeria; I had so many preparations for my 40th, but I said nothing and chose prayer for my late mother.”

The famous stylist then revealed how she became pregnant again and lost the kid.

“Few months later, I found out I was pregnant again, this wasn’t planned at all, and I and hubby said to notify no one, because we weren’t sure, even when my friends said, ure pregnant, I will just joke about it,” she added.

“And say no, it’s not there, regrettably, I was so upset and depressed, started bleeding as usual cse I bleed having all my kids, from day one till due date, so felt it was normal, but it took a tremendous turn& I lost it, in the process I’m hearing I need a spine surgery, I’m like how old am I?”

“Anyways, I’ve lost so many things in my life, but I felt this to my bones, because it might have been avoided, but I thank God for his mercy upon my life, I neva hv shared ds much cse I detest revealing vulnerability, but never judge a book by its cover. Thank you, @segun wealth.”

Lawani first revealed that she was pregnant during the finale of the Real Housewives Of Lagos.

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