Putin’s Private Army, Wagner Group, Is Blown Up By Ukrainian Troops After Online Post Reveals Secret Location, Killing 100.

According to reports, dozens of men of Vladimir Putin’s cruel secret army were blown up after the location of their headquarters was mistakenly leaked.

The Wagner Group fighters are thought to have been targeted by a catastrophic rocket attack after images of their headquarters were accidentally published online. Oligarch and mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, dubbed “Putin’s chef,” was first claimed to be among the 100 killed in the Ukrainian onslaught, which included the use of a US-supplied missile system.

It comes after it was revealed that a high-ranking Kremlin official surreptitiously sought the West for assistance in ending the Ukraine incursion. In response to Russian claims, a Kyiv official confirmed the attack on the Wagner base in Popasna, eastern Ukraine.

Sergei Sreda, a Kremlin publicist, had uploaded photos of himself near a street sign with Russian mercenaries after visiting the covert spot. “I landed in Popsana,” he explained. I went to Wagner’s headquarters. They welcomed me like family and shared me a few amusing anecdotes.”

Another image shows him shaking hands with Prigozhin.

Putin's Private Army

The 61-year-old Putin confidante, whose mercenary company is accused of war crimes in Africa, Syria, and Ukraine, later claimed that he had “cheated death,” implying that the strike was meant to kill him but he had escaped.

The pro-Russian Telegram channel HS Kharkiv posted photographs and video of a bombed-out structure believed to be the headquarters. The video subtitled “We’re digging out our guys in Popasna” showed a man being carried on a stretcher amid the rubble.

Serhiy Gaiday, Ukraine’s governor in Luhansk, said of the strike, “The news is undoubtedly going to be excellent, with the figure around 100.” “It’s unfortunate that this missile strike that the adversary was able to launch thanks to a careless publishing of the present military positions was not the first time it happened,” commented the pro-Kremlin Telegram channel Voenny Osvedomitel.

“There’s a long list I can already publish.”

It comes as a member of Putin’s inner circle is believed to have disclosed that Moscow is in a state of panic and desperate for the brutal war to stop. A report distributed to Western intelligence agencies made astonishing assertions regarding the move.

Senior officers and officials close to Putin are believed to be concerned about the harsh Western sanctions and the deteriorating economy produced by the war. Some Kremlin officials are also concerned about the increasingly dangerous risks being taken, such as fighting at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility.

The attempt was most likely made behind Putin’s back to CIA connections or Western diplomats.

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