Dr KAB- Greater Pointer Ahead :By Hamzat Ishaq Easyboy

I commended Dr Kehinde Alex Bankole for being a good inspiration to current and upcoming generations, The Doctorate Degree Award was deserving and a pointer to greater things ahead.


“I congratulate our brother and leader , Dr Kehinde Alex Bankole , on this academic accomplishment. His story is a fine example of how hard work, determination, brilliance, and being steadfast in one’s belief in God can make all the difference in the life of a man.

The feat you have acheieved in Kwara South and Kwara state at large is rare and you are acknowledged for the great way you keep portraying the youths through your Advocate And Humanitarian.

Dr Kehinde Alex Bankole It is our prayer to Almighty God to grant you the needed and necessary protection, guard and guidance to fulfil your desired destiny as a blessing to the people around you and the world
in general.

Hamzat Ishaq Easyboy Writes From Oke-Ero

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