Sony’s PlayStation hardware chief retires on October 1st.

Sony’s long-serving PlayStation hardware chief will retire next month.

A new PlayStation hardware chief for a new generation

On October 1st, Sony’s long-serving PlayStation hardware chief will retire. According to Bloomberg, Masayasu Ito, 60, who supervised the engineering for both the PS4 and PS5, is retiring.

PlayStation hardware chief
Sony’s PlayStation hardware chief retires on October 1st.

According to Sony communications manager Cathy Liu, senior vice president Hideaki Nishino is still in charge of the PlayStation platform, which encompasses hardware engineering, security, product strategy, and design, among other things. Nishino was appointed to the position in March 2021 and reports to SIE president Jim Ryan. Lin Tao, Sony’s current director, will succeed Ito as deputy president and representative director of Sony’s Japan unit. Sony announced the adjustments today in a brief press release.

Ito joined Sony in 1986 before heading to the PlayStation division in 2008 to manage PlayStation hardware engineering. Ito oversaw the engineering for the PlayStation 4, a tremendously successful platform with 117.2 million lifetime sales as of March. Last year, the PS4 set a record by selling more games than any other console in history.

Ito was also in charge of developing the PSVR headset, the PS4 Pro, and Sony’s next PS5 platform. Sony began development on the PS5 in 2015, and Ito and his team worked on the device for five years. Ito discussed the PS5 development process ahead of the system’s 2020 release, stating that Sony prioritized noise reduction and improved cooling capacity in the PS5, as well as prioritizing “a well thought out, elegantly designed architecture” inside the console.

PlayStation hardware

While the PS5 is the largest game console in modern history, Sony has just reduced its weight. Sony stealthily released a new PS5 last month, which was 13% lighter than the initial launch model. The new PS5 model arrives as Sony raises the pricing of its PS5 consoles outside of the United States. Sony is raising PS5 costs in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. As inflation rates affect Sony’s game sector, prices are rising by 10% in Europe, 21% in Japan, and roughly 6% in the United Kingdom.

Sony first released the PS3 in 2006, followed by the PS4 in 2013, and the PS5 in 2020, seven years after the PS4. Given that Sony took five years to plan and design the PS5, if the seven-year pattern holds true for the next-gen PlayStation (2027? ), Sony might be in the early stages of designing a new PlayStation generation with a new hardware head at the helm.

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