Lutron’s smart light switches

The Caséta Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch forego the smart lighting line’s signature design.

Lutron Caséta has expanded its smart switch selection with two additional models. The switches are based on the company’s current non-smart “Diva” paddle switch type, giving its distinctive smart switch line a more traditional appearance. Lutron Caséta is one of the most dependable DIY smart lighting systems available today; instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it uses a proprietary protocol driven by Lutron’s smart hub.


The $69.95 Diva smart dimmer is a wired paddle switch with a dimming toggle slider, while the $59.95 Claro smart switch is a regular wired on/off switch. Both products resemble standard paddle switches, and aside from a modest LED light, nothing distinguishes them as “smart.” The new Diva smart dimmer, like the previous Caseta smart dimmer, will not require a neutral wire. (However, the Claro switch will.)

The switches are available at The Home Depot starting today, September 12th. For $119.95, Lutron also offers a Diva Smart Starter Kit that includes the dimmer, a Lutron Smart Hub, a wireless Pico remote, and a matching faceplate.


The new devices’ design is more in line with what most of Lutron’s competitors are doing in this market; Eve and Leviton have just announced new switches with a more traditional appearance.

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