How to Enable and Disable Touchpad in Windows 11

If you are running on a windows 11 operating system and you’re having issues with your system navigating the touchpad or just want to know how to give and denied access to the touchpad just relax and follow up the simple step that I have stated below.

How to Enable and Disable Touchpad in Windows 11

This article was composed and published on a Chromebook which makes it impossible to get a screenshot of how it goes but I will also drop a link that leads to my youtube channel where you can also watch the full tutorial video.

Steps1: Right-click on a blank area on the home screen and select personalize

Step2: Scroll down a bit until you see the Theme direction on the left-hand side of the page and click on it

Step3: Click on the change desktop icon (a new page will pop up on the screen)

Step4: Tick the This PC box and click on apply followed by ok and close back to the homepage

Note: By now you should have the This PC icon on the home screen.

Step5: Right-click on This PC.

Step6: select manage and wait for the manage screen to pop-up.

.Step7: Select Device Manager

Note: The Device Manager page consists of all the system drivers.

Step8: Select/open Mice and other pointing Devices.

Step9: Select the touchpad driver and right-click on it.

Step10: select disable to turn off the touchpad function and vice versa.

I hope the post was helpful. if so, please share the link for others to benefit from it.

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