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Why I wont Kiss Actors With Mouth Odour For Any Amount On Set

Charity Nnaji, a Nollywood actress, claims that before she can kiss someone in a film, they must not have terrible breath. “When I started acting 10 years ago, I told myself that I would not act bedroom scenes,” she told Sunday Scoop. I also stated that I would not kiss anyone, but as time passed, I realized that it was damaging my job. If you choose not to perform any of those things, you will be viewed as a hypocrite.


Actors With Mouth Odour


“When I expressed my worries to a producer, he suggested some foreign films for me to view.” Kissing someone on stage isn’t a huge problem if the person is clean. I’m turned off by bad breath. Ramsey Nouah was the first person I kissed on set, but it was only in one scene.”

Nnaji also stated that Nollywood will not be kind to any women who lacks the financial means to make movies.

“So far, so good,” she said. I won’t tell you that the industry is kind, especially if you don’t have the money to make your own films. That is when sex-for-roles frequently enters the picture. I once counseled ladies that if they are not ‘big chicks,’ they should avoid Nollywood because they will be turned into sex slaves (by producers, directors and other actors). “The film industry faces numerous issues, but one of the most serious is the issue of sex-for-roles, in which filmmakers exploit individuals they want to cast in films.”

“I loathe scent of any type, whether from the armpit or mouth,” the actress stated of what turns her off in the opposite sex. Many girls claim they are turned off when a guy is poor, but I believe everyone has their moment (to shine).”

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