Apple has fixed iMessage and FaceTime issues on the iPhone 14 series in the latest iOS 16 update: Every Detail

iphone 14 series
Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 sport a 6.06-inch display

Apple has confirmed that iMessage and FaceTime may not function properly on the recently released iPhone 14 series due to bugs. The Cupertino tech giant has stated that the issues have been resolved in the latest version of iOS 16, and thus recommends that users of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro update their smartphone to the latest iOS version. According to Apple, users of the iPhone 14 series may not receive iMessages or FaceTime calls, or may see a Green bubble instead of a Blue bubble when texting another Apple device.

The Cupertino-based tech behemoth has stated on its website’s support page that iMessage and FaceTime may not function properly on the latest iPhone 14 series smartphones.

Apple also stated that users may be experiencing one or more of these issues. To begin, iPhone 14 series users are unable to receive iMessages or FaceTime calls. Second, when sending a message to another Apple device, users see a Green message bubble rather than a Blue bubble. Third, a single conversation may appear as two distinct threads. Finally, according to Apple, the person receiving the message may see a message from a different account.

For example, the messages could appear to have been sent from a user’s email address rather than their phone number. Apple claims that the latest iOS 16 update has resolved this issue.

As a result, the company advises iPhone 14 series users to update to the latest available version of the operating system as soon as they finish configuring their smartphones. Users should go to Settings > General > Software Update to update their iPhones.

If iPhone 14 series users are still experiencing the aforementioned issue, they can go to Settings > Cellular > Select the phone number you wish to use. While following the steps, make sure the phone line is turned on. Then go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Send & Receive > Choose the appropriate number. Go to Settings > FaceTime > Choose the phone number you want to use.

During the ‘Far Out’ event on September 7, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series, which included the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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