Who is afraid of E-Money

If you have a soiree and the compere introduces the name Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-Money, every attendee’s attention will be drawn to see his fashion combinations, walk, and dandy looks. Emeka is revered by all, particularly for his financial war chest and philanthropic efforts.

The smart music label executive is involved in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, maritime, cargo, hospitality, procurement, transportation, and oil and gas. His expensive automobiles and security details are usually spectacular wherever he goes.

Who is afraid of E-Money

The Five Star Group CEO was thrown for a loop a few weeks ago when the Inspector General of Police received a petition challenging E-Money’s source of income, extravagant lifestyle, and unauthorized usage of Police security details.

The police escort details assigned to him were immediately revoked while the investigation was ongoing, as he was summoned for interrogation. His followers and friends reacted differently to this.

His security details were restored immediately following the interrogation, which proved him innocent. Changing his ways, the socialite erased all photographs on his Instagram profile that showed his security personnel opening his car door for him. He also promised not to broadcast images of his security details on social media.

An insider, however, emphasized that E-Money is a law-abiding citizen who is not the only one flaunting his money and security details on social media. According to the insider, it has a political undertone.

“Some believe he will run for a political office in his home state.” They want to limit his increasing power before it becomes too much.

He has become a threat to many people when he opened the doors to his sumptuous country residence in Imo. “The truth is that Emeka isn’t going to get involved in politics anytime soon,” the insider added.

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