A hilarious video Iyabo Ojo and Canada-based actress Lola Alao discussing the usage of a sex toy, a dildo that was discovered in the former’s vehicle is presently making rounds on social media.

During her last visit to Canada, actress Iyabo Ojo discovered a dildo in the car and then an interesting conversation followed.

Conversing in Yoruba language, Iyabo Ojo asked “what is this thing doing in your car” and Lola Alao responded saying “I use it to delight myself” which led Iyabo Ojo to jokingly say “See how it now looks like, pity your under o, this is too much and long o…so it can down well right…..you have overused the life of it”

Watch the video below:

This is coming weeks after their younger colleague, Nkechi Blessing Sunday made headlines for distributing a dildo at her late mother’s remembrance ceremony.

Actress Nkechi Blessing upset many of her fans and followers for “disrespecting” her late mum by distributing dildos as souvenirs to guests at the one-year remembrance ceremony of her late mum.

“I am not trying to say men are scum cos I have a man but you sometimes need to help yourself for when you don’t have a man, this is my souvenir for the single ladies here, to help yourself” Nkechi Blessing announced at the remembrance ceremony just before distributing the dildos.

Covid-19: How Iyabo Ojo saved my life – Lola Alao

Kemi Filani recalls that in the year 2020, popular actress, Lola Alao who is now based in Canada, opened up on how she battled COVID-19 and narrowly escaped death.

According to her “there is a thin line between life and death. Covid-19 is just around your corner, stay safe, my people I am writing this because I got a second chance to live, I tested positive to it but I am fine now. To God be the glory”.

First and foremost, I will like to glorify God Almighty for his kindness and giving me a second chance, I am indeed grateful.

Honestly, I was scared, I was just begging God to spare my life for the sake of my kids and my family that I am taking care of and give me last chance I was just begging God for forgiveness and spare my life because I am not better than people that didn’t survive it.

It was a terrible experience but I thank God for blessing me with a good family, who didn’t relent in their prayers, then Iyabo Ojo, she was there I don’t know how to thank her, if there is going to be another world, she will be my blood sister, she really tried for me then my friend Bisi Alimi, despite knowing my condition, she wanted to come in and take care of me but I didn’t let her she was always going round getting herbs and everything I need.

God bless all of them, then my kids despite the fact that I was avoiding them, they didn’t leave me, we were all taking the treatments together, they kept saying mummy, we are all in this together.

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