A young man who pleaded anonymous has sent in a complaint on social media about his brother’s wife’s behaviour towards him.

He complained that his sister in-law had been trying tirelessly to seduce him and even said he wasn’t a real man because he turned her down.

His post read:

“Olanna good evening. How are you doing. Please help me and post and keep me private.

Please I have been staying with my brother for 2 weeks, I recently came to Abuja because I got a job. The plan is for me to stay here until I set up my own place in 3 months.

The issue I am going through is that whenever my big bro is not around, his wife will come out almost n*ked. The other day I was washing in the backyard and she came out wearing only p*nt and br.a, they don’t have kids yet.

The height of it is today, she saw me in the parlor, she came out and on blu.e film where I am seated in the parlor. Imagine. I can’t leave now cos I’m not ready. How can I tell my brother this? She was even throwing side comments that I am not a real man.”

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