A man on Twitter identified as @makavelli275 has expressed his pains after his friend sold the Toyota Camry he gave him as a gift.

He narrated that he felt hurt that his friend didn’t tell him that his situation was bad enough to make him sell out the gift he sent to him from abroad.

He said:

“I gifted this man 2010 Toyota Camry, which cost me over N4 million (both buying & shipping), only for me to find out a couple of days ago that he’s sold it out. When I asked him why? he said he’s sorry, but that things were difficult in NGR. I just didn’t know how to react to it.

I just hung up on him, and have not called him back to this moment. That was some bullsh*t.Nwanne, e pain me gan gan. Before I gifted him the car, I knew for sure that he was not financially insolvent, so, I just couldn’t understand when things got that bad for him to an extent of him selling the car. E really pain me.”

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