Young lady brags about her boyfriend who sells akara, and emphasizes the advantages of earning money every day as opposed to yahoo boys.

In a social media video that has gone viral, the woman praised her man’s occupation while mocking internet fraudsters.

In contrast to some of her peers dating yahoo boys, the love bug claims that her boyfriend earns money every day and will provide her with daily meals.

“See my boyfriend, na akara hin dey sell. for those wey dey go date yahoo boy, if e pick una go eat; if e no pick, una go dey on God,” she said.

Watch the video below …

Meanwhile, Ola Atanda Abdullahi, a young man from Nigeria, has expressed his frustration over his inability to find a partner whom he doesn’t have to share with anyone.

Atanda claims on his Facebook page that everything in Nigeria is shared, including girlfriends.

“I wish I can have my own personal girlfriend but in Nigeria we share everything,” he wrote.

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