Most people have expresses their thought towards the recent IG post of soso which involve a well-known IG influential @becoming_kessi. The trending video has imposed a lot into the mind of the viewers as it has been observed that soso rarely post anotheran on her page.

Due to this surprise post headlines, most people who are eager to know the exact boyfriend of sos has clicked and checked out the post themselves.

The post went with a caption that says “all efforts to make soso change this her outfit failed” follows by several tags and recommendations. The post currently have a to view of 70,000 plus and still counting.

Most questions in the comment box were left unanswered and more and more questions are still coming in.


What could they be planning?

Is it a skit or real?

How long do you guys intend to spend together? Short time or foreve?

That👆 has been the most common question in the comment box.

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