You should be arr3sted” – Nigerians react as TikToker, Beauty Goddess, reveals what she’d do to Timini if she sees him.

Popular TikToker and brand influencer, Beauty Goddess has stirred mixed reactions on social media after she divulged her sinister plan for popular actor, Timini Egbuson.

The content creator, who appears to be a huge fan of the handsome actor and finds him attractive, was seeing a movie he starred in and took to Snapchat to share her inner fantasy about him.

She shared a picture of the actor and said she would forcefully have sx with him if she meets him physically.

However, her statement didn’t sit well with a lot of Nigerians and they didn’t hesitate to lampoon her for threatening to sxually assault a man. They averred that her remark is all shades of wrong even if she clearly meant it as a joke.

See some reactions below,

@progressoberiko wrote, “This is very wrong and awful! Women need to be educated that men face abuse too, and such statements could be regarded as threatening. There are better ways to express your likeness or crush over a guy please!

Imagine a guy saying this, it won’t be a joke”

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