A lovely video making the rounds online has confirmed the unique and beautiful bond between a set of twins.

One of the twins had been absent from school due to an undisclosed reason, but after school hours, he arrived with his mother to pick up his brother.

As soon as they sighted each other, the sweet siblings ran towards each other and gave themselves a beautiful hug. They even fell to the floor due to the excitement.

@ogazicomedy said: “My future wife just get prepared bcos ur giving me twins.”

@kateakom stated: “Hmmm see the way am crying. God please bless me with twins.”

@zee__boo reacted: “I followed u bcos of this oo. Almighty God bless them both.”

@emmanasolomon said: “The only time u find try friends is this stage hope they grow up together.”

@emmanasolomon reacted: “Me and ochuko and na we still fight pass, but Dem no born you we’ll touch any of us we go gather you I miss my childhood bro ochuko it’s been long.”

@lovelymhi stated: “Long life is certain for you bro. How I wish no more friends na poison friend dey hmmmmm oga oo.”

@pretty_remen added: “Wow this is ogbidi learning centre the school I attended.”

Watch the video below:

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