A UK based Nigerian identified as Adetunji Opeyemi has shared a video of her emotional breakdown at work.

Sharing a video on TikTok, Opeyemi revealed how she always goes to the toilet to vent out her feelings by crying.

“This is me going to the toilet at work to cry my eyes out because the job is too stressful that I want to give up🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧” she wrote.

She then prayed that God blesses the hustle of everyone abroad struggling to make ends meet.

Many netizens reckoned with her and also encouraged her to switch jobs if it was tiring her out.

Ademola said, “There is a job for everyone, if this is stressful there are other jobs for u that matches ur strength.”

Another Tiktoker user said, “Been there. If it’s too stressful, try and apply for other jobs. Your mental health is more important, Sending you love ❤️.”

Olawale wrote, “the road might be rough at start but if you can be patient endure and be prayerful you will reach your goal someday we’ll stop you have to go through this first.”

Watch video below:

@psych_yemmy God bless the hustle of everyone abroad struggling to make ends meet 🙏💔🙏. #travelvlog#explorepage#uk#trending#makemefamous#viral#fyp#viralvideo#explore ♬ original sound – LYRICS WRITER

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