In a video that has gone viral online, bank employees and other clients watched as the rotting currency was dumped onto a desk.

They were all shocked to discover there were no good naira notes inside the box after it was shattered in the banking hall.

People kept rummaging through the stack of N1,000 notes to see whether any were still in excellent condition.

Watch the video below;

In reaction, the__oluwatosin wrote; Looking closely at this money… I can tell you for sure that it got bad from water… Just imagine your old books kept beside a wall for so long… It’ll get moist and go bad

marchborn09; And this person em family members fit tell am to give dem money o but e fit say e no get😂

globalwalex; As long as the serial number are intact, it’s still a legal tender

nikkilaoye; So he brought it to the bank so that they would do what?🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Oti lo, most of it is now worthless and destroyed, there is nothing that can be done with this paper

jimmy_biirch; You Dey keep money ??? But I sure say this person de always ask people for money 💰 on God. You keep yours trying to spend others. See your life now

diamondbest1; Go to central bank, they’ll replace the money for you

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