Angry pastor sends worshippers home for failing to give offering

An angry pastor has sent worshippers home for failing to give offerings.

In a viral video that surfaced, The man of God was captured asking the congregants to stand up and go home because most of them had shown reluctance during the giving moment.

in the clip only two members were seen making their way to the front to drop their offerings into the basket.

The pastor prayed briefly before asking the members to get up and go home.

“Father we thank you for the offerings today, we appreciate you in Jesus’ name. Let’s stand up as we go home,” he said.

Then the man of God criticised the congregants for not giving offerings. “You know we will not be joking when it comes to giving. If you don’t want to give just go home. I release the blessing as you go home. Enjoy your week in Jesus’ name. Amen!” he continued.

The preacher donning a crisp suit in the red-carpeted church told the congregants he wouldn’t beg for their offerings. “Take those baskets to the office. We are through. Mbarikiwe. You are blessed. I will not beg people in this church to give. I’m not a beggar,” he added.

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