Curvy women are the ideal women in most societies. These women are perceived to be attractive. Studies have even shown that looking at a curvy woman has the same effect a drug or shot of alcohol would have on a man’s brain. These women are addictive.

They tend to be smarter and have smarter babies. According to recent studies, curvy girls have more omega-3 fatty acid in their bodies, which is essential for proper brain development in children.

They are also more likely to live longer. Research shows hip fat contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent arteries from swelling and becoming clogged.

They have a unique sense of fashion due to their curvaceous body type. They rarely look ordinary and they are more likely to turn more heads than other ladies.

Below are some trending photos of some curvy women on social media:

By Israel Ashaolu

Israel Ashaolu is a graduate of electrical and electronic from Niger state Polytechnic. Am an article writter and the owner of

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