Woman shares how pregnancy transformed her beautiful friend

A beautiful lady’s physical transformation as a result of her pregnancy has sparked reactions from social media users that showed concern.

A Twitter user identified as @kikimasibi shared throwback and current photos of the woman whom he said is his friend.

Before the pregnancy, the lady looked really stunning and naturally beautiful. But months after she got pregnant, her face began to swell disturbingly.

Also, the post contained a photo of her feet which had been so swollen that people thought something was medically wrong.

Kiki Masibi captioned the photos: “Pregnancy did a number on my friend 😂🙆🏽‍♂️yeses”

See the post and comments below:

@mozcreature; Bruh this why I’m scared of pregnancy man… whatttt

@JajaPhD; Looks like preeclampsia but I may be wrong. I hope she has accessed medical care.

@sweeettrevenge; I get convinced everyday how I’m not ready to get pregnant 🙏🏽

@Annette_Adelia; If I was her I would never forgive that man.

@Blkbro; How far along is she? This kind of swelling can also be a symptom of pre eclampsia — a medical emergency. ( And please I’m not diagnosing her or anything)

@nkundlamajozi; This is bad I had a friend who reacted like this twice she miscarried and the third time she passed away.

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