Why are airplane windows rounded?

Have you ever wondered why airplane windows are round? Why not make them square or another shape?

In the mid-twentieth century, airplanes became more popular. To save gasoline, they began flying at greater altitudes. Because air density is lower in the higher atmosphere, flying high reduces drag. As a result, less fuel is wasted. Flying high results a more comfortable flying because there is less turbulence.

However, in order for people to survive at higher altitudes, the cabin must be pressurized. To make this possible, the cabin’s design is altered to a cylindrical shape. So that it can withstand internal pressure. However, when cabin pressurization is first implemented, one design issue is not remedied. The windows are square.

When an airplane reaches a higher altitude, the external atmospheric pressure falls below the interior cabin pressure. This results in a pressure difference between the inside and exterior of the airplane. This causes the plane to slightly expand.

When a substance changes shape in this way, stress is created in that material. Stress builds up as the material is stretched farther and further. When the stress becomes too great, the material breaks.

There are numerous things that contribute to this stress. One of them is the window’s form. The form of the window in an airplane has a significant impact on the level of stress. When there is no window, stress passes quickly. When an obstruction, such as a window, is present, tension must shift its direction and so increases. This is known as Stress Concentration.

The sharp corner of the window creates higher tension in square-shaped windows, causing cracks in airplanes. Modern round windows provide a smooth channel for stress and hence do not produce cracks.

The increased tension caused by the square window causes cracks, which is why the de Havilland Comet (the first commercial jet airline) crashed in the early 1950s. Further inquiry revealed the true cause of the crash, thus modern airplanes have round oval-shaped windows.

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