Best Affordable Health Insurance in Ohio (2023)

Molina Healthcare’s Constant Care Silver 1 plan is the lowest Silver health insurance coverage in the majority of Ohio, based on a comparison of all policies available on the Ohio insurance market. However, not all counties provide the same selection of insurers, so the best economical health coverage may vary based on where you live.

In Ohio, the average monthly cost of health insurance for a 40-year-old in 2023 is $457.

Depending on income, Ohio citizens can obtain affordable health insurance on the state exchange or through Medicaid, but the best plan will depend on your budget and expected expenditures. We advise comparing multiple providers before to choosing a plan.

Cheapest health insurance coverage by plan tier

Health insurance policies are grouped into tiers based on the benefits and out-of-pocket costs associated with each policy.

To help you choose the best health insurance plan for a particular level of coverage, we reviewed inexpensive health insurance policies in Ohio across all tiers and identified the lowest-cost options.

We suggest utilizing these low-cost health insurance policies as a starting point for determining the costs and advantages of a certain coverage tier.

The cost of medical insurance is mostly determined by your level of coverage and your age, with older individuals incurring considerably higher costs.

A 40-year-old in Ohio will pay an average of $112 more per month than a 21-year-old for the same level of Silver health insurance coverage. A person aged 60 will spend $577 more than a person aged 40 for the identical health plan.

As no insurer offers plans statewide through the Ohio marketplace, the cheapest plans mentioned below are not accessible in every county; still, we encourage utilizing them to estimate your premiums.

Finding your best health insurance coverage in Ohio

Depending on where you live in Ohio, the health insurance policies accessible to you will vary, but in every county, you will be able to choose between different metal tiers of coverage. Since your income and predicted medical expenses affect the rates you’ll pay and the coverage you’ll require, these factors will influence the ideal inexpensive health plan for you.

Higher metal levels often have more expensive premiums, but their lower cost-sharing makes them excellent for families that anticipate having substantial or ongoing health care costs.

On the other hand, lower metal tier health plans typically have lower premiums, but their high out-of-pocket costs make them unsuitable unless you have emergency savings and do not anticipate needing expensive medical care.

Gold plans are the best option for families with high or continuous medical costs.

Gold health insurance plans are frequently the best option for families who anticipate higher medical expenses. Gold insurance often feature the most expensive monthly premiums but the lowest out-of-pocket payments.

You’ll pay substantially less out of pocket before your health insurance kicks in. This is a fantastic advantage if you have regular medicines, a chronic disease, or if you cannot handle a huge, unexpected bill and would prefer premiums that are higher but predictable.

Silver plans: Best for low-income families or those with typical medical expenditures

Medicaid has been increased in Ohio under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), allowing households with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty line to qualify. Silver plans may provide the best pricing for low-income families who do not qualify.

Cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies are only available for Silver health insurance policies if your household income falls below a specified threshold. Silver plans are also a solid compromise, as they frequently combine more cheap medical insurance premiums than Gold plans with lower out-of-pocket costs than Bronze policies.

Bronze/Catastrophic plans: Best for young families with savings

If you are under 30 or qualify for a hardship exemption, you may be eligible for a Catastrophic health insurance plan. These plans may offer the cheapest monthly premiums and the greatest cost-sharing. These plans are not eligible for premium tax credits.

We would not recommend Catastrophic or Bronze health plans, which are available to everyone in Ohio, unless you are certain of your capacity to handle out-of-pocket health care costs. Your health insurance will not give coverage until your deductibles and copayments have been met.

For a 40-year-old, the premium for the SummaCare Bronze 8000 with SCConnect Network plan can be as low as $305 per month, which is significantly less than the $436 premium for the SummaCare Silver 6000 with SCConnect Network and 3 Free PCP Visits. However, the Bronze plan’s deductible is $7,800 more expensive than the Silver plan’s deductible.

Health insurance rate changes in Ohio

Rates, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums for health insurance are decided annually by health insurance carriers and then submitted to state and federal regulators for approval.

For 2023, the average cost of health insurance across all plan categories increased by 3%. Compared to 2022, the cost of Bronze plans grew by the most: 7%, or $26 per month.

Health Insurance in Ohio
Health Insurance in Ohio

Ohio short-term health insurance

Short-term health insurance plans are available for purchase by Ohio citizens. Coverage can last up to one year, which is comparable to federal regulations. However, Ohio prohibits consumers from renewing short-term health insurance after the first coverage period expires.

If you miss the open enrollment period or lose employer-provided health insurance, you may want to explore a short-term health insurance policy. Noting that short-term plans do not guarantee the same key advantages as qualified health insurance policies is critical.

Best affordable health insurance providers in Ohio

Currently, there are ten health insurance providers on the Ohio state market. None of these insurers, however, offer coverage in every county. Therefore, the best insurer and coverage will vary according on your region.

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Ambetter from Buckeye Health Plan
  • AultCare Insurance Co.
  • CareSource
  • MedMutual
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Oscar Health Insurance
  • Oscar Insurance Corp. of Ohio
  • Paramount Insurance Co.
  • SummaCare

Depending on where you live, you may have access to as many as eight insurers, while in some counties there are only two health insurance providers. For example, if you live in Meigs County, you can compare plans from two insurers, whereas residents of Stark County have eight options.

county with the cheapest health insurance plan

To assist you in beginning your search for the best health insurance plan, we examined all Silver policies in Ohio and selected the least expensive Silver plan available in each county. Molina Healthcare’s Constant Care Silver 1 plan provides the most reasonable prices in 65 percent of Ohio’s 88 counties.

County name
Cheapest Silver plan
Monthly cost (age 40)
AdamsConstant Care Silver 1$435
AllenConstant Care Silver 1$435
AshlandCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
AshtabulaConstant Care Silver 1$435
AthensConstant Care Silver 1$435
AuglaizeConstant Care Silver 1$435
BelmontConstant Care Silver 1$435
BrownConstant Care Silver 1$435
ButlerConstant Care Silver 1$435
CarrollCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
ChampaignConstant Care Silver 1$435
ClarkConstant Care Silver 1$435
ClermontConstant Care Silver 1$435
ClintonConstant Care Silver 1$435
ColumbianaCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
CoshoctonConstant Care Silver 1$435
CrawfordConstant Care Silver 1$435
CuyahogaConstant Care Silver 1$435
DarkeConstant Care Silver 1$435
DefianceConstant Care Silver 1$435
DelawareSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
ErieConstant Care Silver 1$435
FairfieldSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
FayetteConstant Care Silver 1$435
FranklinSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
FultonConstant Care Silver 1$435
GalliaCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
GeaugaCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
GreeneConstant Care Silver 1$435
GuernseyConstant Care Silver 1$435
HamiltonConstant Care Silver 1$435
HancockConstant Care Silver 1$435
HardinCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
HarrisonConstant Care Silver 1$435
HenryConstant Care Silver 1$435
HighlandConstant Care Silver 1$435
HockingCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
HolmesConstant Care Silver 1$435
HuronConstant Care Silver 1$435
JacksonCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
JeffersonConstant Care Silver 1$435
KnoxAnthem Silver Pathway X HMO 5000$539
LakeConstant Care Silver 1$435
LawrenceConstant Care Silver 1$435
LickingSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
LoganConstant Care Silver 1$435
LorainConstant Care Silver 1$435
LucasConstant Care Silver 1$435
MadisonSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
MahoningConstant Care Silver 1$435
MarionCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
MedinaSummaCare Silver 6000 with SCConnect Network and 3 Free PCP Visits$392
MeigsCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
MercerCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
MiamiConstant Care Silver 1$435
MonroeCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
MontgomeryConstant Care Silver 1$435
MorganCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
MorrowConstant Care Silver 1$435
MuskingumConstant Care Silver 1$435
NobleCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
OttawaCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
PauldingConstant Care Silver 1$435
PerrySilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
PickawayConstant Care Silver 1$435
PikeConstant Care Silver 1$435
PortageSummaCare Silver 6000 with SCConnect Network and 3 Free PCP Visits$392
PrebleConstant Care Silver 1$435
PutnamConstant Care Silver 1$435
RichlandConstant Care Silver 1$435
RossConstant Care Silver 1$435
SanduskyConstant Care Silver 1$435
SciotoConstant Care Silver 1$435
SenecaConstant Care Silver 1$435
ShelbyConstant Care Silver 1$435
StarkSummaCare Silver 6000 with SCConnect Network and 3 Free PCP Visits$392
SummitSummaCare Silver 6000 with SCConnect Network and 3 Free PCP Visits$392
TrumbullConstant Care Silver 1$435
TuscarawasCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
UnionSilver Simple – PCP Saver (Select)$414
Van WertConstant Care Silver 1$435
VintonCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
WarrenConstant Care Silver 1$435
WashingtonCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
WayneConstant Care Silver 1$435
WilliamsCareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver$439
WoodConstant Care Silver 1$435
WyandotConstant Care Silver 1$435

Average family cost of health insurance in Ohio

The cost of health insurance is proportional to the number of individuals insured, thus the number of people on your policy will directly affect your rates.

Children under the age of 14 are normally covered at a set rate, so the cost of coverage is unlikely to grow until they reach adulthood.

Assuming both individuals are 40 years old, a couple in Ohio would pay double the monthly amount of a single person for a Silver health plan, or $1,027 on average. However, adding a kid under the age of 15 would only boost the monthly health insurance premium by an average of $307, which would result in a household of three paying $1,334 for a health plan.

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