Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Belgium 2023

In 2022, a list of the top ten Health Insurance businesses and providers in Belgium.
In our previous piece, we provided a streamlined list of the top insurance providers in Belgium. Today, we will cover health insurance firms in Belgium for the year 2022, and then we will present a list of the top ten providers.

First, native individuals or emigrants relocating to Belgium may always rest certain that their medical requirements and coverage are in good hands. Certainly, Belgium is home to reputable and trustworthy health insurance providers, such as AXA- Global Healthcare, Cigna Global, Globality Health, etc.

However, the United States is home to the majority of the best health insurance providers. As of 2022, Aetna is the leading and best Medicare Advantage health insurance provider. It is closely followed by Blue Cross Blue Shield (the best for nationwide coverage) and Cigna (the best for worldwide coverage).

What is the leading health insurance company?

United Health Group had 286 billion USD in sales in 2022, making it the largest health insurance firm in the world.

Which health insurance company in Belgium is the best?

In 2022, Allianz Healthcare is the largest health insurance provider in Belgium. Noting that the best health insurance firms in Belgium are, preferably, private ones is important. This is due to the fact that the distinction between private and public healthcare in Belgium is minor.

How much does health insurance cost in Belgium?

Medical insurance is mandatory in Belgium; thus, the majority of medical insurance payments are made on a fee-for-service basis. Initially, you must pay an annual membership fee of roughly 140 to 180 euros. In terms of refund, approximately 75% of the cost is reimbursed upon payment.

We have examined the many health insurance providers in Belgium and identified the ones that offer the best policies for you and your family. In conclusion, a list of the best health insurance firms and providers in Belgium in 2022 is provided below.

List of Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Belgium 2023

  1. Allianz Health Insurance Belgium.
  2. AXA Insurance Company, Belgium.
  3. Global Healthcare Insurance Company, Belgium.
  4. Cigna Global Health Insurance Company, Belgium.
  5. Globality Health Insurance Company, Belgium.
  6. AG Insurance Company, Belgium.
  7. ERGO Health Insurance Company Belgium.
  8. KBC Insurance Company, Belgium.
  9. Ethias health insurance company, Belgium. And finally,
  10. Argenta insurance company, Belgium.
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