Money is one of the primary obstacles you may encounter if you’re from a poor nation and want to go to medical school. There’s no need for concern; today’s medical students may get financial aid via a variety of scholarship programs and graduate from medical school debt-free.

A large number of medical scholarships are given to deserving students so that they may pursue their medical education without having to take out huge loans.

Apply for British Chevening Scholarships 2022

A Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious award given by the United Kingdom government to outstanding overseas students who have both leadership potential and superior academic credentials.

Gain financial assistance to complete your master’s degree at any institution in the United Kingdom thanks to this scholarship.

Scholarships from Chevening are completely supported, allowing you to concentrate on your studies and having the time of your life.

For a whole academic year, you’ll be stationed in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship Benefit/Number of awardsHost/Eligible country:

Chevening Scholarship is hosted in the UK for students from developing countries.


The scholarship is for students pursuing their postgraduate studies in the field of Medicine in the UK.

Chevening Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship in which the recipient gets Up to £18,000.

  • Tuition fees
  • living costs
  • travel costs
  • visa costs
  • contribution to health tests i.e. TB testing where required

School Of Medicine-Overseas RPG Ph.D. Scholarships at University Of Dundee In UK, 2022

The School of Medicine at the University of Dundee is now accepting applications for the Overseas RPG Scholarship Program, which will begin in September 2022.

Self-funded international Ph.D. students from poor nations are welcome to conduct their studies anywhere in the world.

Host/Eligible country:

Overseas RPG Ph.D. Scholarships are hosted in the UK and are for Ph.D. students from developing countries.


The scholarship is for students pursuing their Ph.D. Program in the field of Medicine in the UK.

Scholarship Benefit/Number of awards:

The School of Medicine offers a maximum of ten, 50% reduced fees, and Scholarships per year.

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