Sports Scholarships USA for International Students

Student athletes from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and everywhere in between, want to be awarded an athletic scholarship to study in the United States. Even for domestic athletes, the process of being recruited by an American institution for a sports scholarship may be highly time-consuming and difficult; for overseas players, it can be downright impossible. In the United States, overseas athletes face a number of challenges in achieving their goal of competing at the collegiate level in their sport of choice. Students from outside the United States will need to apply for a student visa, have their academic records translated into the American format, and send them to their preferred universities of choice, as well as take the appropriate examinations to enter the American higher education system. It might be difficult to be recruited as an international student athlete without the assistance of someone familiar with the process of acquiring sports scholarships for overseas students. This is where the assistance of a professional athletic recruiting agency like ours may be of great use in clarifying the maze of the college recruiting process.

Nearly 10 years ago, set out to help overseas student athletes discover American athletic scholarships so that they might play collegiate sports in the United States. An Olympic sprinter from another country who came to the US to run track and field created our recruitment firm. This has given us first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by foreign athletes who are aiming to get American sports scholarships. It’s easy to feel lost in the maze of the college recruiting process without the support of a professional sports marketing firm like ours.

Once an athlete joins our program, we will be there for them every step of the way and take care of everything related to college recruitment, from creating a resume to attending the player’s signing day. You will be paired with a personal recruiting coach who will help you through the complexities of college recruitment, from ensuring you meet all academic prerequisites to drafting your academic resume and introducing you to prospective schools. There are over a hundred foreign athletes from all around the world whom our recruitment coaches deal with every year. To ensure that college coaches take notice of you, your college recruiting coach will combine your academic and athletic information. The initial impression you create on college coaches is crucial if you want them to remember you. Your prospects of being offered a college sports scholarship decrease dramatically if your first resume does not get the attention of college coaches. Our familiarity with the specific needs of foreign-born athletes will help us tailor a resume that will catch the attention of American colleges.


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