September 30, 2023
At Taylor Swift's concert, 'Ant-Man' Paul Rudd meets an indie singer and appears in his music video

At Taylor Swift's concert, 'Ant-Man' Paul Rudd meets an indie singer and appears in his music video

Dreams always come true. At least in this case, Ant-Man Paul Rudd is making sure people’s desires don’t remain unfulfilled. Recently, the 54-year-old actor obliged his fan’s request to feature in his music video, now available on YouTube. Rudd met this fan at Taylor Swift’s concert, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The actor who rocked every role with perfection- from superhero to a hopeless romantic in Romeo-Juliet, turned mailman for his fan’s video and worked his magic, undoubtedly, reported PEOPLE. Claud Mintz is a fan who is an indie musician, and Rudd made an appearance in his single- ‘A Good Thing.’

Apparently, the 24-year-old singer ‘randomly passed’ by Rudd while attending Swift’s Eras Tour. The Chicago singer-songwriter explained details of how he lucked out in a TikTok video that was aptly titled: “How I Got Paul Rudd to Make a Cameo in My Music Video.” His music video dropped on Friday, July 14, 2023.

Claud saw the Clueless star in the VIP tent at the concert and approached him. He recalled, “I was like, ‘Paul Rudd, this sounds kind of weird, but there’s a song on my album, the song’s called ‘Paul Rudd.'” He continued to praise the actor for his humility at his request.

“He was so nice about it, and he gave me his e-mail and was like, ‘Send it to me. I’d love to hear your album,” Claud added. However, since such coincidences hardly occur- he (Claud) admitted that he had doubts regarding the address Rudd provided them with. He couldn’t believe it, obviously.

He explained that they planned to name the track after his name “because it’s me like trying to envision myself as like this like cool, confident, and like the charismatic, lovable character that you play,” he referred to Rudd and who they are “often not.”

The songs clearly hit the actor, and he also resonated with Claud’s rest of the album. He e-mailed the musician and complimented that he “loved the album.” So, the singer asked Rudd if he would do a cameo in his newly released album- he immediately accepted. “He came for the whole entire day,” explained the singer.

“He stayed for like five hours, and we shot that whole scene and danced outside,” he added. “It was the best day of my life,” the indie musician concluded. The music video showed the ‘normally’ “cool and casual” Rudd as a ferret owner’s mailman.

In the video, Rudd delivers mail packages to Claud from his girlfriend while he complains that he only has a one-eyed ferret waiting for him at home. The star also danced with the singer on the street, per the New York Post.

Claud’s TikTok video garnered over 1.2 million views, and TikTok users gushed over his sweet gesture. A user, @dustingenereux, commented, “Paul Rudd doing wholesome side quests.” Another user, @millennialmcguyver, complimented, “Paul Rudd continues to singlehandedly carry my faith in humanity on his shoulders. Checking out the song now!”

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