September 30, 2023
Did you know Lizzo was once chastised for comparing Taylor Swift to Beyonce

Did you know Lizzo was once chastised for comparing Taylor Swift to Beyonce

Lizzo, the renowned singer and body-positive advocate, found herself at the center of controversy when fans questioned her remarks about Taylor Swift and Beyoncé during an Instagram live session. The Grammy-winning artist, known for her empowering anthems, took to social media to discuss her experience at a Beyoncé concert. While expressing admiration for the performance, some viewers interpreted her comments as an unnecessary comparison between the two influential musicians.

Lizzo’s praise for Beyoncé

During the Instagram live, Lizzo enthused about her attendance at a Beyoncé concert in Warsaw on June 27. She reflected on the profound impact the show had on her, inspiring introspection about her own self-confidence and the importance of sisterhood. The singer celebrated the sensuality and desire conveyed in Beyoncé’s performance.

Unintended comparison to Taylor Swift

As Lizzo’s live comments unfolded, certain participants mentioned Taylor Swift as another exceptional performer of their generation. In response, Lizzo passionately stated that no one could compare to Beyoncé’s prowess. Although she did not explicitly mention Taylor Swift’s name, some of the pop star’s fans perceived it as a subtle dismissal and took offense. The aftermath of Lizzo’s Instagram live session sparked a lively debate among fans. While some interpreted her remarks as personal preference, others criticized the unintended comparison between Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, viewing it as a divisive stance among successful female artists. Both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have achieved incredible success in their careers, each with a devoted fanbase. As discussions continued online, Lizzo remained silent on the matter, leaving her fans yearning for clarification on her intentions.

Lizzo’s latest controversy 

A lawsuit has been filed against Lizzo by three dancers, accusing the singer and her dance captain of sexual harassment, weight-shaming, and bullying. The legal documents, filed on August 1, detail instances of workplace misconduct, including alleged pressure on one dancer to touch a nude performer at a strip club and subjecting them to a grueling 12-hour audition process. Following the reports, former colleagues of Lizzo’s have stepped forward to show support for the accusers. Dancer Courtney Hollinquest shared a similar experience, echoed by Quinn Wilson, Lizzo’s former creative director. Filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison also revealed a negative experience working with the singer during the filming of a documentary. As the situation unfolds, Lizzo has not yet responded to the allegations.


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